Blatter Got Furious about Brazil’s World Cup 2014 Preparation

By | January 8, 2014

We all know that FIFA world cup 2014 Brazil is going to happen this year on 12th July, but Brazil is yet to finish the construction work. This made Blatter, president of FIFA, furious. To be honest, it is a great shame that Brazil has not completed the preparation yet.

Blatter said,

“It is the latest country since I’ve been at FIFA, even though it is the only one which had so long — seven years — to prepare,”

Brazil missed the deadline badly, though there were some reasons, but it got plenty of time, so it is a failure. According to FIFA, the deadline was the last day of 2013, which is 6 months before the main event. You will be surprised to know that some work will be finished in April!

Brazil spent 3.4 billion dollars to build the stadiums and got 7 years to complete, but it was not enough. It disappointed Blatter very much. We hope Brazil will give us a nice soccer world cup experience in 2014.


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