Barcelona vs. Malaga Kick off Time 16-1-13

By | January 16, 2013

Barcelona vs Malaga Kick off Time 16-1-13

The last match between Barceloa and Malaga was good for Barcelona. It could have been a flawless match, but at the end it was a nice performance by the Spanish group leader. This is Copa del Rey, and Tito Vilanova believes this match worths like a Champions League match.

20:30 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
20:30 Co-ordinated Universal Time (UTC)
12:30 Pacific Standard Time (PST)
22:30 Central Africa Time (CAT)
26:00 Indian Standard Time (IST)

Bad News: David Villa is still not fit fot the match.

Good News: Messi will be offering up his 4th Ballon d’Or Award tonight at the Camp Nou before the kick off.

We hope Barca will play better than their last match they played against Malaga right from the kick off. This is match will be played at the Camp Nou, so we are hoping for a better result in the first leg of Copa del Rey tonight. Visca Barca. My prediction is 4-0. What is yours?

Final Score: Barcelona 2 : Malaga 2

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