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By | September 19, 2013

Haven’t watch the latest Barcelona game? Did you feel very sleepy or had a very important thing to do? No problems as you have come to the right place to know the Barcelona score. We will keep updating all the latest Barcelona scores of all matches for you. You will get results of all Barcelona matches as soon as the game ends. You will know name of the goal scorers, exact timing of the goal, name of the competition, and a very short summary of each Barcelona match. Isn’t it helpful?
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Osasuna vs. Barcelona Score October 19: Osasuna 0  Valladolid  0
Competition: La Liga
Summary: First draw in this season. Messi returned from the injury.

Barcelona vs. Valladolid Score October 5: Barcelona 4  Valladolid  1
Goals: 9′-Javi Guerra 13′-Alexis 51′-Xavi 63′-Alexis 69′-Neymar
Competition: Spanish La Liga
Summary: Barcelona crashed Valladolid. Messi didn’t play.

Score Celtic vs. Barcelona October 2: Celtic 0 Barcelona 1
Goals: 73′-Fabregas
Competition: Champions League
Summary: Was not an easy match for Barcelona.

Final Score September 28, 2013 Almeria vs. Barcelona:  Almeria  0 Barcelona 2
Goals: 20′-Messi, 56′-Adriano.
Competition: Spanish La Liga 2013-14
Summary: Barcelona got important 3 points.

Final Score September 24, 2013 Barcelona vs. Real Sociedad: Barcelona 4   Real Sociedad  1
Goals: 4′-Neymar, 7′-Messi, 22′-Busquest, 64′-De La Bella (Sociedad), 76′-Barta.
Competition: Spanish La Liga 2013-14
Summary: Barcelona outclasses its opponent. It was a nice match to watch.

Final Score 21th September 2013 Rayo Vallecano vs. Barcelona: Barcelona 4   Rayo Vallecano  0
Goals: 32′, 47′, 72′-Pedro, 79′-Fabregas. Pedro scored a hat-trick.
Competition: La Liga 2013-14
Summary: Pedro and Messi destroyed their opponent. Messi assisted Pedro very much. Neymar disappointed.

Final Score of 18th September 2013 Barcelona vs. Ajax: Barcelona 4 Ajax 0
Goals: 21′, 54′-Messi, 68′-Pique, and 74′-Messi. Messi got a hat-trick.
Competition: Champions League
Summary: Barcelona/Messi destroyed Ajax.

Whether it is La Liga, Champions League, Copa del or any other competitions, we will keep updating our site so that you do know what is going on with your favorite club FC Barcelona—the best soccer club in the world. So, keep updated with the Barcelona score.

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