Barcelona vs. Espanyol Kick off Time in GMT, UTC, PST, CAT, and IST: La Liga 6-1-2013

By | January 6, 2013

Barcelona vs. RCD Espanyol Kick off Time
First of all happy new year to all Barcelona fans all over the world. This match is the 1st match of the new year 2013. Barca have to take all matches very seriously these days because Tito Vilanova is sick. He needs some more days to come back with a bang.

Kick off Time Barcelona Match

18:00 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
18:00 Co-ordinated Universal Time (UTC)
10:00 Pacific Standard Time (PST)
20:00 Central Africa Time (CAT)
23:30 Indian Standard Time (IST)

 It will be played at the Camp Nou–the heart of Barcelona. In this ground Barcelona have 60 wins, 10 draws, and 9 defeats against Espanyol. No doubt Barca are favorite to win this match, though Roura seemed very cautious. He said

“We’re hungry and hopeful going into the derby but we know these matches can be very difficult. They’re always tricky because of the rivalry…and we’re coming back from the (Christmas) break and picking up the pace again isn’t easy”

“We have to try and make a good start and carry on the way we were before the break”

“We’ve had to take a look at their recent matches and there’s no doubt that they’ve changed for the better since he came in”

But, how is Tito Vilanova?

“Tito will be on the bench”

“He still has to undergo treatment but he is in good spirits and very strong, and that’s the important thing”

He is really unhappy about the situation. He added

“It’s not a normal situation but it has to be done. I’m looking forward to not coming (to a press conference) so often because that will mean that Tito is here”

Barcelona currently lead 16 points ahead of Real Madrid in the current La Liga Table, but he said

“There’s a long way to go. We have to take it one game at a time and win all our matches. We know we’ll have to lose, but the later that is, the better”

Hope, everything will start smoothly right from the Barcelona kick off time tonight. Barca lead 34 points over Espanyol. Visca el Barca!

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