Barca vs. Real Madrid: Will Tito Vilanova be A Supernova?

By | August 14, 2012

Barca vs. real Madrid

Well, everyone knows that it is very tough to replicate the records of Pep Guardiola—the former super-successful coach of FC Barcelona. If you are a football fan, you know that none has ever achieved the PRIDE like Guardiola–six titles in one season, and they all came in the first season of Guardiola. This high-profile coach achieved 14 titles including two Champions League and three La Liga titles in a row. Guardiola showed the entire football world that how football can be played. Pass, pass, pass, and pass again–it was the motto of Johan Cruyiff’s teammate. Have no doubt, he added beauty to the game of football when he was in FC Barcelona. The way Barca played and controlled the ball was even unthinkable for any club to replicate their style. Beating Barcelona was like a dream come true. Now, Tito has immense pressure because he does know he has to deliver.

Unlike Guardiola, he played only 26 La Liga matches, but none wearing Barca jersey. In fact, he played for other teams in first division and second division. Yes, he was not a player to remember for a very long time. But it is now time for another thing—coaching. And don’t forget Jose Mourinho; some say he cannot even kick the ball. So, Tito is the winner before the competition starts!

When it comes to experience as a coach, Guardiola also had no experience in the highest level; he was with the youth team, but Vilanova has four years of experience as an assistant coach of Guardiola which is very good. He must have learnt a lot of things from Guardiola. In total he has been with FC Barcelona about 25 years. Obviously, this is the reason why he has been given the job.

What do you expect from him? Another six titles like Guardiola did in his inaugural season. As a Barca fan, I also want this to happen, but the bitter truth is probably it is not going to happen ever. But he must achieve something with the best squad in the world. If we analyze the results of pre-season, then it’s pretty good. Scoring staggering eight goals and beating Manchester United is not an easy thing to do. So, we should expect a lot of things from him.

We have seen Vilanova chatting with Guardiola during matches for awhile. So, we expect him knowing ins and outs of Barca. Success in La Liga will be very clear after first 4-5 matches. If he gets a flying start, then we should aim for another La Liga title. When it comes to Champions League, it is time for Barca to achieve another one according to the trend of the last few years. Vilanova is getting the same squad of the last season. In fact, he is getting a better squad with the inclusion of Jordi Alba and David Villa after his long injury. He must use Leo Messi EFFICIENTLY as Messi can play excellent wherever you put him. All Vilanova needs to do is determine his position based on each match. No doubt he will get a lot of controversy if he cannot deliver. So, he may need to tweak something promptly if something does not go according to his plan.

It is too early to expect a supreme result from a new manager, though Barca payers are capable of doing it. All he needs to do is use them properly according to the merit and situation of each match. Barca vs. Real Madrid would play an important role deciding few titles. He must defend the hard talk of Mourinho well. Mourinho is a smart guy; he will try his best on the field and off the field to outperform this new coach.

I bet you still remember this Barca vs. Real Madrid CLASH

Taking the responsibility of FC Barcelona is an immense pressure as this team has achieved a lot of things, and is expected to win each and every title of every tournament it participates. Good luck Tito, we Barca fan are with you. Visca el Barca! Learn visca el Barca translation


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