Argentina vs. Brazil: Upcoming Matches, Results

By | September 15, 2013

If you love soccer, then you must know about these two BIG names Argentina and Brazil. Both of them have millions of supporters all over the world. During a soccer world cup we can experience their sky-high popularity all over the world. These 2 are neighboring countries; this is one of the major reasons behind the arch rivalry between these 2 national teams. Another BIG reason is the everlasting controversy between Diego Maradona and Pele. We have seen many controversial Argentina vs. Brazil matches in world cups and other competitions.

Brazil did win soccer world cup more than any other teams in the world, but Argentina won hearts of numerous fans all over the world through Maradona. Brazil had pretty regular success with some great players in soccer world cups, but Argentina failed to achieve anything big after the 1990 world cup final. Things were very different after the reign of Diego Maradona.

Now Lionel Messi is giving a lot of hope to Argentine fans all over the world. Let’s see what he can do. He was not good enough when he started playing for Argentina. This Argentina international received a lot of controversy as he underperformed continuously. But fortunately, Messi started playing better for Argentina. He did play well in Argentina vs. Brazil matches. Messi scored few stunning goals. You must have seen them.

Argentina vs. Brazil 18th September 2013 [CANCELLED]

The next match of Argentina vs. Brazil will be played on 18th September. All soccer fans will be glued to TV sets to experience a great soccer match. But the bad news is Messi is not playing in this Argentina vs. Brazil match on 18th September. In fact, it is not that bad news for the Argentine soccer fans as Alejandro Esteban Sabella, coach of Argentina, will get a chance to test some of his players to get the best squad in 2014 soccer world cup.

No doubt the rivalry: Argentina vs. Brazil will keep going as long as soccer lives. We hope every match between these 2 teams will be a very entertaining match.

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