Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia: Kick off Time 17:00 GMT

By | November 14, 2012

Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia Kick off Time

Hope Messi will score few goals to get more close to Muller. Currently, this Argentine international is ahead of Brazilian legend Pele. Messi scored staggering 76 goals this year. Only German legend Gerd Muller is ahead of Messi. Obviously, Messi will try his best to score goals in this friendly match to take himself to another level. Good luck Messi.

But, this visit was not very comfortable for when it comes to the atmosphere of the Airport. Common people could reach very close to Messi. He looked very nervous when a gun was very close to him! In fact, he was SCARED. Watch the video below to see everything in the airport. As a BIG fan of Messi, you will hate it.

Here is the result of the match between Argentina vs. Saudi Arabia

Watch Messi in a very uncomfortable situation (after 3 min.)

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