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No doubt they are one of the best soccer teams in the world. When they play, millions if not billions of people of the world are glued to the TV sets. You must be an Argentine fan. Know about the Argentina next match here.

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Also know the schedule of the upcoming matches of Argentina in the next world cup 2014. Argentina will be playing in the group F in the next world cup in Brazil 2014. This world cup competition will be playing the South America, so many experts believe that it will be a great world cup for the South American teams. So, both Argentina and Brazil have a very good chance to put up a good shown in the next soccer world cup 2014. Also, Uruguay and Chille could do very well, especially Uruguay. Don’t forget the extra-ordinary performance of Uruguay in the last soccer world cup 2010.

This world cup will be a very important world cup for the Argentine super star Lionel Messi–the best player in the world. You may have forgot that this Argentine is yet to score a goal in a world cup match. Hope he will get goals in the 2014 world cup i Brazil. This guy really needs to prove his skills as a Argentine player. Now he is the captain of the Argentina team, so he has more responsibilities than ever. He has got a very good team. The team has more experience and talent than the last 2010 world cup. If you are an Argentine fan, then you must know how important this world cup is for Lionel Messi and Argentina. As a team, Argentina has not achieved anything big in the world cup competition for a very long time. It was the 1990 world cup when Argentina was beaten by German in the world cup final match. Then this South American country couldn’t achieve anything good. We don’t see a player like Lionel Messi very often, so we wished a great world cup in 2010, but he failed to bring the lost smiles to the Argentine supporters’ faces. Let’s see what happens in the 2014 world cup. Good luck for Messi and Argentina.

Argentina Next Match: World Cup, International Friendlies, and Other Competitions

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  • Germany vs. Argentina  3-9-2014
  • Argentina vs. Brazil  11-10-2014
  • Hong Kong vs. Argentina  14-10-2014

Argentina Practice Match World Cup 2014

Argentina vs. Slovenia World Cup 2014 practice match International friendly 7th June, 2014, 18:45 GMT

Argentina Next Match: Argentina World Cup 2014 Matches Kick off Time, Schedule

Argentina Next Match: World Cup 2014 Group Matches Kick off Time GMT

  • Argentina vs. Bosnia Herzegovinia 16th June 2014  22:00 GMT
  • Argentina vs. Iran 21th June 16:00 GMT
  • Argentina vs. Nigeria 25th June 16:00 GMT

Argentina Next Match: World Cup 2014 Second Round Matches Kick off Time GMT

Argentina vs. Switzerland 1-7-2014 16:00 GMT

Argentina Quarter Final Kick off Time 2014 World Cup Brazil

Argentina vs. Belgium 5-7-2014  16:00 GMT

Argentina vs. Netherlands Semi-final Kick off Time 2014 World Cup Brazil

Argentina vs. Netherlands Semi-final 9-7-2014 20:00 GMT

Argentina vs. Germany Final Kick off Time 2014 World Cup Brazil

Argentina vs. Germany Final 13-7-2014 19:00 GMT

Earlier Matches

Romania vs. Argentina 19:00 GMT 5th March

Argentina vs. Bosnia Herzegovinia 11-18-2013 18th November

Ecuador vs. Argentina 11-15-2013 15th November

Uruguay vs. Argentina  16-11-2013    16th October
Argentina vs. Peru 10-11-2013             11th October 2013
Italy vs. Argentina 8-14-2013              14th August 2013              Venue: Rome
Paraguay vs. Argentina 9-10-2013     10th September 2013        Venue: Paraguay
Brazil vs. Argentina 9-18-2013          18th September 2013       Venue: Brazil [CANCELLED]

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Argentina vs. Venezuela 3-22-13
Bolivia vs. Argentina 3-26-13
Argentina vs. Sweden 6-2-13 19:30 GMT



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