AC Milan vs. Barcelona Kick off Time 20-2-13 Champions League

By | February 20, 2013

AC Milan vs. Barcelona Kick off Time 20-2-13 Champions League
Upcoming match 3-12-13 kick off time

Final Score: AC Milan 2 : Barcelona 0

It is now time for FC Barcelona. Real Madrid had a 1-1 draw against Manchester United. Today, all eyes will be glued to the San Siro where Barcelona and AC Milan will compete each other in the first leg of the round of 16. No doubt everyone will be alert as soon as the game kicks off tonight.

Barcelona Kick off Time Tonight

19:45 Greenwich Mean Time (GMT)
19:45 Co-ordinated Universal Time (UTC)
11:45 Pacific Standard Time (PST)
21:45 Central Africa Time (CAT)
25:15 Indian Standard Time (IST)

Barcelona have to play few extremely important matches next few days including clash against Real Madrid. Tonight’s game is the first  BIG match Spanish Leader

Roura, the current coach of Barcelona, seemed very cautious. He does know he has to do his soccer coaching job really well. To be honest, a Champions League match against AC Milan is not an easy task for any team in the world. And, don’t forget Milan are getting the home advantages. Only 2,1000 Barcelona fans are going to Milan to witness this Champions League match.

 “Milan is one of the most successful teams in Europe and they’re playing at home.  We have always found it hard against them and have had some tough times in the San Siro. There’s no sense talking about favourites.”

“They are a different team, they play a different way, and we’ll have to wait and see how they behave … But Milan are always frightening at the San Siro”

“We still normally score more goals than the opposition. But I do agree that we need to work on certain aspects and there is room for improvement in that respect”

On the other hand Barca captain Carlos Puyol, who wants to play wearing Barcelona shirt until he is 40, says

“We know that this will be a difficult tie if we don’t do a good job”

“AC Milan are on form and we have to respect them, especially because they are a historic side”

But, the last one is the best one.

“We’ll fight for the treble”

I don’t think Milan will cope up with Barca, though they changed their team a lot and they will have home advantages. Barca seem more prepared for this Champions League match. Getting Champions League quarter-final ticket will not be an easy task for Milan tonight. My prediction is AC Milan 1 : Barcelona 2. What is yours?

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