2014 World Cup Soccer Ball Brazuca is Like Never Before

By | September 19, 2013

We all know that soccer world cup balls are really cool. If the ball is not good, then it gets numerous criticisms from everyone. Remember, the last time when Jabulani got lots of criticisms from players, goal keepers? It was terrible. We hope the 2014 world cup soccer ball will be a perfect ball for players and goal keepers. The name of the ball is “Brazuca” which means “national pride of Brazil” No doubt the name of the ball will be remembered for a very long time. Everyone is waiting for the Brazuca soccer ball.

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How Brazuca was Selected

You may don’t know that this is the first time when soccer fans were involved in deciding the name of a world cup ball. Obviously, it is a great initiative taken by FIFA. Thank you FIFA. One million Brazilian fans were involved in deciding the name of the 2014 world cup soccer ball. Brazuca received staggering 70% of the total vote. Its competitors were “Bassa Nova” and “Carnavalesca” So, it is very clear that “Brazuca” is an extremely popular term in Brazil where the soccer world cup 2014 will be played.

Brazuca Soccer Ball with A Revolution

Another new thing about this 2014 world cup soccer ball is that it could be the first ever soccer ball which will be using goal-line technology in world cup matches. Surely, this is another great decision from FIFA. It is now a demand of time to use technology in soccer or take initiatives to make this beautiful game more beautiful.

Manufacturer of 2014 World Cup Brazuca Soccer Ball

Like other world cup balls, this Brazuca soccer ball 2014 will be made by Adidas—a top class sports manufacturer. Adidas started sponsoring FIFA since the 1970 soccer world cup when Telstar was introduced. Wishing good luck to the 2014 world cup soccer ball!

Brazuca Ball Launch

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