2014 World Cup Opening Ceremony Could be Delayed

By | March 4, 2014

I was extremely shocked, surprised when I heard the bad news. Can you believe it? The opening ceremony of the greatest show on Earth could be delayed. This is another bad news from Brazil, which got a lot of time for the preparation. If it really happens, then everyone will be surprised, shocked.

The name of the stadium where the opening ceremony of the next soccer world cup will be organized is in Sau Paulo, which is not complete yet. In fact, the stadium will not be complete before 15th May. You see, how close the deadline is. This is really risky. So, some experts believe that the 2014 world cup opening ceremony could be postponed as they have a strong logic behind their claim.

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Another Important thing is the IT systems. It takes about 90 days to set up the IT systems, and we have only about 100 days left.

We hope there will be no problem. The stadiums will be ready in time, though it is already very late. Also, the opening ceremony will be a great ceremony. Good luck Brazil.


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