2014 Soccer World Cup Weather Not Suitable for Players

By | October 17, 2013

World Cup 2014 is not very far. We are getting very closer to this mega show day by day. But there is a problem regarding the weather of the world cup 2014. Excessive heat is expected during some matches, and FIFPro is very concerned about this excessive heat.

Amazingly, media is only concerned about the Qatar World Cup temperature which starts in 2022—about nine years to go. But the Brazil World Cup 2014 is only after less than 1 year; not many people and media are concerned about 2014 soccer World Cup weather–excessive temperature. Some matches are scheduled to start at 1300 local time which could be very tough for players.

Players are not accustomed to playing under so high temperature. So, they are sure to face problems which will affect their performance and health. It is the greatest show on earth, but they are not getting the best condition to play which is really a bad approach from FIFA. Another problem with the World Cup 2014 Brazil is that sometimes players will be required to travel four-hour flights which is not a good sign when it comes to playing two games in a few days.

FIFA should take necessary steps to fix this World Cup 214 weather problem. Billions of people will be watching this event. Players should get a better treat from FIFA. World Cup 1986 had similar problems. It was Maradona who protested against FIFA.

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